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 Need Creative Help for your business?

Whether you are starting up and building a new business or you are ready to take your business to the next level and expand, knowing what to create and then creating the right content are important.

My virtual creative services can help you set up your content, or keep your content flowing while you concentrate on bringing your ideas to life in your business.

Things like social media content creation and management, blog and email marketing management and the creation of marketing documents. I can even build and write the content for a new website if that's what you need.

Helping you identify your 'Uniquely You' identity in business and setting up a Content Plan is also available as part of my service if you need some clarity before we start creating your content.

If you would like to find out how we could work together, use the button below and book in a free call to talk further.

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Why get help with Content Creation?

Outsourcing your content creation lets you get creative with how you run and manage your business.

Having a support service that can manage all or part of your content creation is perfect for anyone who finds their content plans being pushed to the bottom of the to-do list when business gets hectic!

If you don't enjoy content creation or find it takes you out of your business for too long this type of service is also a great solution.

Using a Virtual Creative Service should make your business money because while your chosen virtual content creator is keeping your audience educated, engaged and entertained, you can get on with the things only you can do in your business.

The things that make you unique, the things you do best. Which are likely also the things you went into business for as you love doing them!

Some words from clients :

"Sonja currently edits, proof reads and schedules my blog posts for my website, a task I don't yet have time to take over. She is also working with me on my first ebook for my website subscribers.
I cant recommend Sonja and her skills highly enough, she is easy to work with and knows her stuff!"

- Chylaan Jessica, Gold Coast business owner

"Sonja is great to work with, very professional and most importantly I've had great results and feedback from my customers. We are now working on building my social media profile in the business, which is an area I've been struggling with. I would highly recommend Sonja's services and look forward to continue working together." - Jeff Keast, Brisbane business owner

"I love Sonja's work and her ideas around bringing in more creativity in our work and lives. Sonja created a beautiful video for me from my blog post which was amazing. It turned the dry boring blog post into something much more fun, exciting and easy to understand. 
I look forward to working together with Sonja in the future and highly recommend her services." - Sharda Sethi, Melbourne business owner

My areas of specialisation

There is a huge range of tasks a Virtual Creative Service could do for your business.

I love specialising in the following areas, as they allow me to do what I love doing while helping you with your business:

Websites (include all of the below - price on application)

  • New WordPress websites (I use Divi)
  • Content and Design
  • SEO
  • Security and Backup Systems

Social Media Management

  • Scheduling
  • Community Monitoring and Management
  • Post creation and graphics

Content Writing

  • Copy Writing, Proofreading, Editing
  • Website Content Management
  • Blog Writing, Promotion & Management

Marketing Support -

  • Flyers, Business Cards
  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletters

I can tailor a pricing package to suit you if you have an ongoing need.

For short projects or specific tasks you can hire my services at the hourly rate of $40 per hour (Australian).

Still Getting to Know Me?

I have a broad range of experience and skills gained over 22 years in business and corporate management roles.

This means I bring a lot of business experience, consultancy and advice to my virtual creative services.

You can read about me here, or via my LinkedIn profile.

Want to know more?

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