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Content Creation

What if you could create content that both reached your target or ideal audience, and served them by providing value in a caring and solutions focused way?

You can find free information on just about anything to do with building a successful business online today. This amount of information can be pretty mind boggling.

Buy this course/ebook, video series, ticket to my conference, watch this webinar/you tube video, facebook live, click on this ad. Use this script, lead magnet, blogging method, social media proven process. Are you overwhelmed reading this list yet? I am just from writing it!

But there are ways of using your own creative talents, and relying on your values and beliefs to craft content to reach your audience and ultimately customers without needing to feel like you are in a constant online scramble for your next sale or customer.

Unique Content Creation_www.sonjabalzarolo.com

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Uniquely You

One of the easiest and effective ways of creating unique content that reaches your audience, provides value and speaks directly to them is to create content that is uniquely you.

Your uniquely you identity is the spot where your values, beliefs, mission, vision, service, talents, experiences and knowledge all converge. Coming together to create your authentic offering.

It forms the content that is your 'Uniquely You' identity in business, that could only come from you. It is infused with your unique qualities, quotes and quirks. It is drawn from the unique moments and stories that have shaped your journey, gained exclusively over time, that no-one else on the planet has access to. It is what people know about you, remember you for and understand about how you operate.

Your content delivers your uniqueness to your audience.

So what is unique about you in your business?

Tip: If you have never thought about this before, or want to dive into it now, start by taking some action & listing on paper all of the things you can think of that make up your 'uniquely you' identity, using the above information as prompts.

 Creative & Uniquely You
Standing Out

Most of us are drowning in the sea of content that is being poured into the online world all day long. Therefore without an injection of your uniqueness, your content will get washed away, sunk or buried at sea.

Being unique is a must to stand out and be seen. But it may not be enough.

Using your unique content in creative tools is one way to put some additional wind behind your sails to propel you into the sights of your audience.

There has been a recent surge of content creation tools available on the market. Depending on your budget and your content creation tool of choice, there are many options available. There are often free trials to test tools out, and even free products where you can create very good content without needing to upgrade to paid versions.

Below are my top choices for content creation tools that allow your 'uniquely you' identity to shine. For each tool, I have provided a link to a separate mini-tutorial, tips or free training on how to use the product.

1. Interact Quizzes

Have you ever, like me, found yourself completing the online quizzes that occasionally pop up in your feed on social media? You did the quiz then signed up right? To get the results? You may have even then gone to the website and had a look around for more content, especially if the answer you got was a very good match for the topic the quiz was on.

This type of quiz is great for attraction of your ideal audience member, as the topics can be targeted and niched to who you want to attract. They also provide great value when you get the topic just right, and will add more people to your mailing list who will genuinely want to hear from you.

I used Interact Quizzes to create a quiz for my website. It is easy to use, and gives you the option to create a quiz from scratch, or use their existing quizzes (100+ to choose from!) and just add your branding or to modify the existing quizzes and put your own questions and answers in. Sounds easy right!

Interact also allows you to create sales funnels via your email marketing provider (who it will integrate with in most cases - I connected my Mailchimp account), and even gives you advice on what to write, and how to embed it into your website or share it with your audience directly.

I will be writing a followup blog in the coming weeks showing the results of using my own Interact quiz to generate leads into my mailing list.

And here is the quiz I created about ....... Content Creation! Try it out using the Find Out! button below:

If you would like to find out more about how to create a quiz in Interact, click here and read some of the case studies or watch tutorials.

If you would like to know how to generate leads from your quiz, try this free 7-Part guided video course.

Click here if you are interested in trying out Quiz creation via Interact for your business. (Affiliate link)

2. Animaker - Animated Video

Any sort of video is a great source of value to your audience right now. It gives the ability to provide value in snack-sized bits of content, that are easy to consume, particularly popular with busy people!

When done right, videos can have a much higher viewing rate than images and text, and the social media platforms love it, so you will get more organic reach when you post videos, over images and text posts.

Animated videos provide a sense of fun and uniqueness to your content. Who doesn't love cartoons!

I used Animaker to create the below video for a 7 day challenge I ran earlier this year. While creating a video in Animaker wasn't super- easy, it didn't take much to work out what each of the functions did. Once you have made your first video, it does get easier and faster to navigate.

If you would like to find out more about how to create an animated video in Animaker, click here.

Click here if you are interested in trying out Animated Videos via Animaker for your business.

3. Lumen5 - Blog Conversion to video

Re-purposing your unique content is a great way to ensure greater reach for your content, and to a wider audience. Lumen5 allows you to turn your blog posts into videos. As per Animaker in #2, video is so popular right now, that trying out this type of content creation is a must do.

Here is a video I created from one of my previous blogs - The Science of Creativity:

If you would like to find out more about how to convert a blog into video in Lumen5, click here for a free tutorial.

Click here if you are interested in trying out blog conversion via Lumen5 for your business.

4. Canva - Quotes & Images for your Social Media feed

Canva is one of my favourite design tools, and I use it many times a day for my business. I have the Business membership, as it is well worth it for just over $12AUS per month. If you want to create a unique, consistent brand that represents you then you need a way of creating your content to replicate that. Canva does that.

It is easy to use, and is known as the design tool for non-designers. The number of templates and options that are already pre-sized are endless, and you can add your branding logos, colours and fonts, and make it 'uniquely you'.

Here are just some of the graphics that make up both of my brands, created in Canva:

Creative Soul Mamas Facebook group

Creative Soul Mamas Facebook Group

Share What You Know_www.sonjabalzarolo.com

If you would like to find out more about how to create graphics in Canva, click here for the Canva Design School.

Click here if you are interested in trying out graphics creation via Canva for your business.

5. Animating of Image (mini-gifs) in Canva

Animating images is a unique combination of using images and video. Generally the image animation is very short, just a few seconds, but it can be enough to create interest, and deliver a very quick message. Things like quotes by you or those that represent your unique brand are good examples of using animated images to provide unique content.

Here are some examples of using animated images for your business:

Animated Image Canva Welcome_www.sonjabalzarolo.com

There is no tutorial available for creating gifs in Canva currently as it is experimental, so I'll do my best to explain it here:

  1. Create an image with text.
  2. Choose Animated Gif/Movie from the drop-down box when you download your created image ready to animate.
  3. This will then give you the option to choose from 6 different transitions to animate your image.
  4. Choose one, preview it and once happy, download away!
Unique Content Creation Goals

Now you have a few content creation tools to try, think about what would appeal to your audience. Also consider what you would like to / could create using these tools with your unique content for your business.

Have a goal in mind eg lead generation, education, sales, increase social media followers, and then create your content to achieve that goal.

Follow the process through, use the tutorials if you need help, share your content, measure its results, get feedback and change it if it is not achieving your goals.

Most importantly, make it uniquely you!

May your creative soul always blossom,


P.S. Want to watch this blog as a video? You'll find it and other content creation tips, tools and techniques on my YouTube Channel:

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