Being Spiritually Creative is not about the woo-woo

Creativity can be a spiritual experience if you are open to exploring it. But it’s not about the woo-woo normally associated with spirituality.

By being spiritually creative, your imagination and your intuition will allow the wisdom of your spiritual self to work through you. Okay, this may sound still a little woo-woo to you. Let me explain.


Melyssa griffin quoteChanneling creativity

Have you ever had the experience of doing something and getting completely consumed by it and time disappears?

Artists often describe creating their work as an ‘out of body’ experience. As if time stood still and it felt like their creation was being channelled through them. They had no control over it and the work just flowed. This could be described as a spiritual experience.

Can you see that being spiritual and being creative go together? Creativity moves us beyond ourselves in a similar way to spirituality.

The Sufi poet Rumi wrote over 700 years ago about two types of intelligence. The short version summary of what he wrote is that there is book intelligence (like schooling), and creative intelligence. He believed that book intelligence moves from the outside in; creative intelligence from the inside out.

Sound logical? Sounds like creativity is spiritual to me – coming from the inside out.


Spiritually creative from the inside out

Letting our creativity come from the inside out just means letting go of judgement and embracing intuition. This happens with creativity in a way that being in a logical left side-brain state of mind just does not have the ability to do.

Being creative gives us the freedom to look inward. To reclaim any suppressed or ignored feelings, emotions, thoughts and truths. It allows us to express these in whatever form they come from the inside, out into the world.


The gift of creativity

The ability to be creative is a gift unique to every person, and to humans. Animals don’t paint, or create any sort of artwork. In fact there is no evidence of animals creating anything for pleasure. They only create for purpose, like the example of an animal making a tool to help them crack open a nut.

As humans, creativity is a piece of our individuality.

Imagine a class of art students. The students are asked to paint an apple. Even if the apple was sitting on a table right there at the front of the class, no painting of the apple would look the same. Every student would have created a different version of it.

Honour the creative and unique spirit inside of you by listening to it and tapping into its wisdom.


Making creativity a spiritual practise

By making creativity a spiritual practise, we get to discover more about ourselves through the process. This also highlights the reason why the creative process should always be the more important piece of the creative journey. Not the creative product or outcome.

The product of your creativity is a beautiful expression of your creative spirit. The real treasure, however, is found in what you uncover through the process.

Some simple spiritually creative practises to try

v  Listen to your intuition – just start to create and see what emerges

v  Meditate before you create

v  Listen to a visualisation before you create

v  Listen to a music meditation while you create

v  Take yourself to a quiet place – block out as much external influence as possible and create from within

v  Ask the universe for the greatest creation your spirit can be given to flow through you before you create

v  Practise mindfulness when you create – be in the moment, not in a moment from the past or your future


Additional Resources

Light Language (now I am going to get a little woo-woo – in a good way!)

This week I learnt about the existence of a spiritual tool for increasing intuition, from one of our 7 Day Creative Self-Care Challengers – Beth.  As intuition is one of the most important elements of creativity, I was fascinated to read more.

I won’t even begin to explain what Light Language is. But I will say that in addition to its ability to increase intuition, it has a huge amount of other benefits. It is absolutely a great option for spiritually creative practise.

The below website I found useful to read about the many aspects of Light Language. Have a read if you would like to know more.

What Is Light Language?


Embrace spiritual creativity

Embrace your spirituality. When you create, you uncover more of your inner self. Let it guide you to create what you intuitively feel you need to create, in that moment. That’s when the magic happens. That’s spiritual creativity!

May your creative soul always blossom,


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