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From episode 21 of the podcast, we focused on the important topic of self-care for women in business.

Check out the episodes below where our expert guests share their knowledge on how to incorporate self-care into our busy lives while juggling motherhood, business, and life.

About the Podcast

The Creative Soul Mamas Podcast features women from around the world who share their wisdom and advice on how to find time for self-care while juggling motherhood, business and life.

Creative Soul Mamas started life as a meetup group I started in mid-2017 because I wanted to connect with other women building a creative business like I was while navigating motherhood.

As I connected with other creative women, I soon realised that the group had a bigger purpose and was needed wider than my local community so I moved the group online.

It has now evolved into an online space called The Self-Care Sanctuary where we celebrate and support each other to meet our own needs, build our businesses and find time for ourselves and self-care.

In 2018, in order to spread this message wider, I started the Creative Soul Mamas Podcast and Blog, all shared via the Creative Soul Mamas website.

Sonja Balzarolo

Sonja Balzarolo

Creative Soul Mamas Podcast Host

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The podcast is returning mid-2019

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