What’s your Content Superpower?

Finding the content type that works for you

As a content creator, it took me a while to work out what type of content works best for me and my content creation style - my content superpower.

The content I love to create that achieves the outcomes I am looking for. (#winwin!)

Do you want to use content in your business to attract, educate and ultimately turn your audience into customers? Then knowing what your content superpower is will be your secret weapon.


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Where do I start?

So you want to know your content superpower but don't know where to start? Here are a few key questions to help you:

  • What are you good at eg writing, using technology, design?
  • What does your audience want?
  • Do you have a passion for or a calling towards a particular style of content creation?
Your Expertise

What you are good at is a great place to start! This will make it much easier and more motivating when creating your first pieces of content.

You don’t want to start out, for example, creating videos if you don’t have any experience with this. It will cause frustration and take a whole lot longer than you intended. Start with what you know. Once you are having some success and feeling comfortable, then look at experimenting with a content type you need more experience with.

You do not need to do everything! As the saying goes, less is more.

Here are some of the most common types of content you could choose to start with:

• Blog
• Newsletter
• Social Media
• Videos (there are many versions of content within this option eg animated clips, words, graphics & music clips, short film, mini-promotional videos, humorous videos etc)
• YouTube channel
• Facebook Lives
• Workshops/Webinars – online and in person
• eCourses
• Challenges

What does your audience want?

I won't spend too much time on this question other than to say find out what type of content your audience wants and how they want to consume it. This will help achieve your outcome goals.

You can do this in many ways - here are a few ideas:

  • Ask them directly - reach out to them
  • Use your newsletter to ask for feedback by return email or attach a link to a survey (SurveyMonkey has free options)
  • Ask questions in Facebook Groups - either yours if you have one or in groups where they are members (along with you)
  • Instagram stories are a great place to post a video with a quick question and people can write a comment back
  • Facebook Page / Group polls
  • Read the comments on posts your competitors ask on the same topic
  • Use analytics on your content to see what works (and what doesn't)

Once you have gathered the information, use it as either a guide to crafting your content for your audience or to confirm that there is a gap in the market (and a need) for the content you want to create.

What is your Content Creator Style?

Your Content Creator Style

Below are the 6 content creator styles I believe represent the majority of business owners who create content.

Take a read through and see which one you are drawn to. You may resonate with a few styles, and not just one initially. That is perfectly okay. Once you start creating you will become more aligned with your preferred style as it evolves. This may even reveal your content superpower!

1. The Teacher
You successfully break down an idea or task into bite-size parts that build on each other through your content.

2. The Best Kept Secret
You're all about exclusivity. You are successful because of the amount of curiosity you create through the types of content you share with your audience.

3. The Inspirer
Any content you create always speaks to your audience. It makes them feel and be inspired to create and do.

4. The Curator
You enjoy sharing the latest topics & content that you know will be helpful or entertaining. You feel it is your duty to share good content.

5. The Super Creator
You have a broad knowledge about many things in your niche and that’s why so many people turn to you for advice.

6. The Content Rockstar
Not only can you teach, you are up to date with the latest news, tools and offerings, and you can also provide exclusive information to your audience that convinces them to take fast action!

Working out your Style

So how did you go? Did any particular content style feel more aligned with you than the others?

If you would like to delve more into this topic, take the Content Creator quiz below.

Discover your style and receive additional information about the type of content that best suits that style.

Let’s Experiment!

If you have read over the Content Creator Styles above or taken the quiz, you will now know your style or a few styles that feel comfortable and aligned with you. You will also have an idea on the type of content you want to create.

Now its time to work out how to use them to meet your outcome goals.

Consider this first phase as an experiment in understanding your style and finding what content works best to get the outcomes you are looking for.

Creating your content should flow when you are 'in the zone' and not feel restrictive or frustrating. It should reach the outcome goal you want your content to achieve (or show promise that it will over time).

Outcome goals could equal more likes, more engagement, more appointments, more sales, more traffic to your website. Get clarity on what your content goals are.

Measuring your Results

Measuring your results are an important step in understanding when your content is reaching your outcome goal.

To measure the success of your content set up a simple spreadsheet, word document or even just a notebook.

Decide what you will measure and what the success point or goal is. Record the date you start so you know your measure as of day 0, then record at regular intervals.

Make sure you note down some feelings around creating your content and if it flows or feels forced.

If your goal is more traffic to your website use Google Analytics to see the stats on your website traffic. If it is more engagement with your social media posts then use the free analytics that comes with most platforms (you may need to have a business profile on some platforms to get this).

A few final tips

Review and revise your results. Redirect your focus as necessary.

You should not feel like you are spending hours putting together content. If this happens, you won’t continue with it.

If you're not enjoying the process or getting the outcomes you desire then the content you are creating is not your content superpower.

Focus on what works for you and your desired outcomes. Keep doing what lights you up, with a few tweaks along the way until your passion for what you are creating and the outcomes you desire meet. There is your content superpower!

Share your Superpower

How did you go? Did your content superpower reveal itself? I'd love to hear from you.

If you also send me a link to your favourite piece of content, created by you, I'll happily share it on my social media.

You can email me at sonjabalzarolo@gmail.com.

Here's to sharing your creative and unique self,

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