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Blog #3 in the Soulful Business Series – Captivating Content Ideas

The Soulful Business Series is a collection of topics centred around empowering female business owners in any industry to bring more soul and less hustle into their business.

Your Why

In Blog #2 of the Soulful Business Series – 'Why your Why is Important' I talked about the ways who you are and what you do, your ‘Uniquely You’ identity, reveals itself through your Why.

Did you get to do the Why exercise to help you uncover or dive deeper into your Why? If you want to complete it before reading this blog post, you can go back to it by clicking here.

Creating ‘Uniquely You’ content

Creating content that is unique, captivating, and represents you and your business is important. So how do you come up with captivating content that is 'Uniquely You'?

Once you understand what makes you unique, who you are as a brand and a business, and how you want to present that to your audience, you have a clarity that will make content ideas easy to find.

You are open-minded to explore new opportunities and you will find ideas to represent your 'Uniquely You' identity coming at you regularly.

There is no hustle when you create content that represents your unique identity. It captivates your audience by attracting them to you and your message.

Creative & Uniquely You

New Opportunities

Here are the top 5 ways I seek out opportunities to ensure I have a treasure trove of ideas on hand that represent me. When I am ready to create, I have plenty of content inspiration to choose from.

1. Be Curious
There is an overwhelming amount of curiosity missing from our modern lives today.

Curiosity is not just for children. As adults, the more curious we can allow ourselves to be, the more our creativity and imagination will turn up to play.

Reconsider things that you normally take for granted and ask yourself and others questions about them. Start simple with How and Why. You will suddenly have access to a whole realm of new ideas.

There is an overwhelming amount of curiosity missing from our modern lives today.Click To Tweet

2. Exposure
Expose yourself - but not in a weird way!

This requires you to remove yourself from the every day of your life and do something, experience something, see something you wouldn’t normally. It gives you exposure to new thought patterns and fosters innovative ideas. It can even help with problem-solving in your business. As your left brain has to readjust itself to new surroundings, your right brain kicks into gear and sees all of the possibilities of new things to explore.

So go a different way to work, get out on your lunch break and take a walk somewhere or with someone you wouldn’t normally go with. Read about a topic you wouldn’t normally read. Go to a new art gallery.

Change your path. Expose yourself to new ways of thinking and explore new ideas.

3. Think Differently
Innovation comes from seeing two or more concepts together that never existed together before. Or at least never existed in the way you are exploring them together now.

To allow yourself to think differently, you need to remove all prejudice, assumption, reality, practicality from an idea and see what you can come up with.

A common example of this is to write down 50 different ways to use a pencil.

Simple but effective in opening the channels to thinking differently.

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4. Read
Sometimes my best ideas come when I am scrolling through social media, reading a book or magazine, or doing research online.

Sure you may head down a rabbit hole and end up somewhere you didn't intend to be, but does it matter? If you are actually focussed on just being open, reading, learning and discovering then ideas will pop right up in front of you.

Don’t lose them. Store them away (see further down in this blog for ideas on how to collate your ideas), keeping them for later. Or use them straight away if you really love them!

5. Meditation / Intuition / Listening to your inner self
There are many different ways to explain this concept but whichever way it is explained to be accepted, the most important thing to know is it is a very valuable tool to tap into.

Not all ideas have to be external. If you believe that you have all of the answers within, then it makes sense to go within to add to your treasure trove of ideas to use later.

You can achieve this in many ways, but to keep it simple I suggest a few common and accessible practices that can be done by anyone:

• Meditation - Closing your eyes and opening your mind. You can use guided meditation, or achieve this simply through stillness or even journaling. Your ideas often come after this type of practice.
• Intuition – In times of quiet, listen to whatever thoughts and ideas arrive. Be aware of what physically affects you eg tight chest, butterflies, constricted throat and take notes when you can (this commonly happens in the shower!)
• Listening to your inner self - You can use guided visualisations/relaxations through a meditative spoken practice that guides you to a place/experience. In this practice, you are open to hearing what your inner self wants you to know. You will hear a voice talking to you (yes your inner self) or sometimes see a message. Your inner self can impart information, ideas, wisdom, answers or sometimes nothing. Write down whatever came to you once you come out of your meditative state to use for future reference.

Collect Captivating Content

Collating Your Ideas

Once you start mindfully looking for new ideas for your content, the floodgates may open!

Therefore, it is important to have a way to collate your ideas so you can access them easily when you are ready to create. (Also great for moving through creative blocks. If you suffer from these, you can read more about it in an article I wrote here)

You are going to need a process to collate your ideas that will work for you. Something you can stick to and that is super simple so you don't change it and end up with ideas everywhere.

Here are some of my favourite ways to collate ideas. How you use them will depend on the format the idea comes in and your personal preference. Just pick a couple if you are setting this up for the first time. Too many options will just overwhelm you and you may end up using none of them consistently! Small steps are best.

Try 1 or 2 of these options to get started:

•Have a journal just for ideas, so you can switch over to it if you are journaling and come up with an idea you want to explore further in writing.
•Typing ideas into the Notes App on your phone, with a specific heading, for example: ‘Ideas’ to keep them together
• Having a Notebook marked ‘Ideas’ just for your business content ideas (My personal favourite!)
• Using an App on your phone that allows you to save ideas, articles etc, for example Pocket & OneNote (both have a Google Chrome extension so you can save to them from your desktop as well) or Feedly.
• Take screenshots on your phone of things you find on social media/photos out in the real world and save them into a folder within your photos App on your phone. Name it 'Ideas' or something similar.
• Print ideas and add them to a Vision Board in your office
• Use Pinterest as both a source of ideas and a place to save ideas by using the board's function. Pinterest also as a Chrome extension to save pictures from the web directly into Pinterest. Padlet is another option which is popular with designers and uses a similar concept to Pinterest.
• Use the Save function available on most Social Media posts to keep posts that spark an idea while you are scrolling. These then appear in the Saved section of your feed on those platforms that have that function.

Your Captivating Content

I believe content is the creative expression of the soul of your business.

It captures the uniqueness of you and your business. It allows you to connect, inspire, educate, inform and show your business to your audience. The same things marketing and sales do, but with more soul and less hustle.

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If the words hustle and sales make you cringe, then using content to capture your audience should be on your radar and an integral part of your business.

Use the information in this blog post to get you started, and let me know how you go.

Reach out if you need help by emailing me at

May your creative soul always blossom,


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