Hi there, nice to virtually meet you! I'm Sonja Balzarolo.

Passionate creative, wife and mother of 2 young daughters, based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

In 2015, I left behind a successful corporate career as a manager, trainer and mentor to pursue a path more aligned to my values and one that fulfils my passions.

My non-negotiable values include freedom and independence in business. The passion I am driven to achieve is for living a creative life with my family on a farm surrounded by nature.

I am a home-based (ie virtual) Creativity Coach and Virtual Creative. I work with and am a champion for creative women in business.

My Creativity Coaching helps women in business discover their 'Uniquely You' identity, tap into their creativity and bring their ideas to life through content.

But I get that it's not everyone's passion to constantly create content!

So I also provide a done-for-you virtual creative service, specialising in Website Building and Content Creation.

These are my services:

  • Building a functional, searchable, beautiful website for your business
  • Writing copy for and managing blogs, business documents and websites
  • Creating unique, tailored content and profiles, as well as management of Social Media
  • Online marketing support such as newsletters and email automation.

Who am I?

Here are some fast and possibly random facts about me!

Born & Raised: Townsville, Far North Queensland.

Lived: Townsville, Gold Coast, Melbourne, London, back to Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane before finally settling back on the Gold Coast.

Now: A Mum juggling a home-based business and family life raising my two daughters, Lily-Rose and LuLu Sparkle. My little miracles - one through IVF and the other a nice surprise!

Previous Career: Managed, coached and mentored staff in small teams, big teams, small offices, big corporate multi-nationals, across a huge variety of industries for over 20 years. (Read more here)

Studies:  Art, business management, training and assessing, coaching, website building, copywriting and editing, writing for magazines and newspapers, online business success, how to build a soulful business (Soulpreneurs), events, animation and design, sales and staff management, communications & media.

Past Small Businesses: Children's clothing, luxury (fake) fur interior design products, art, food and nutrition, plus several blogs.

Creativity: The one thread of consistency and key to my passions has been my creative soul and my love of nature/mother earth. Some of my earliest childhood memories involve creativity - drawing, painting, sewing, organising events, party planning, writing, creating. - Creativity Coach, Content Creation Specialist

From My Journey to Yours

So that's a little about me, but now over to you. What's your journey?

I'd love to help you build and grow the creative business and life you are dreaming of.

You can learn more about how I can help you here:

Virtual Creative Service.