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'Welcome! I'm Sonja Balzarolo, passionate creative, mum & champion for creative women in business and life.

The foundation of what I do is to celebrate and support creative women in business.'

Here are just some of the ways I do that!

Creativity Coaching

I am a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and offer this one-of-a-kind coaching designed specifically for creatives.

Read more about Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching here:

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Content Creation

As a Virtual Creative, I work with business owners who need help turning their unique core message into content that educates, engages and entertains their ideal audience.

I do this through a done-for-you virtual service specialising in Website Building and Content Creation & Management.

Click here to read more about my Virtual Creative Service.

Creative Soul Mamas

I love bringing people together through creativity so, in mid-2017, I started a group called Creative Soul Mamas - an online community of like-minded creative women.

We are women who write, make and create... in business and life.

In mid-2018 I also launched a Podcast called Creative Soul Mamas, which is available on iTunes, Spotify and on the Creative Soul Mamas website - click here to take a listen:

Creative Soul Mamas Podcast

You can click on the images below to follow Creative Soul Mamas online or join the community.

We are mamas who love getting creative but don't often have time for it. We are mamas with an interest in living a soul fulfilling life. We mostly run home based businesses, are self-employed, or want to be as we value our freedom and independence.
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